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Full-surface quality marking of premium goods

Ringmarke Radialmarkierung Stahlkennzeichnung 1 | MSM Markiersysteme
Radial mark on spring element
February 2, 2017
Coil Stahlkennzeichnung Metall Markierung 1 | MSM Markiersysteme
Marking on structural steel wire coil / 300°C
February 3, 2017
Full-surface quality marking of premium goods
Full-surface quality marking of premium goods

Task description

Full-surface front side marking of roof batten packages.

Wood markings (quality markings)
  • Application of visible full-surface marks during running production
  • Clock cycle 4s
  • Weather-resistant
  • Automated via PLC

Proposed solution

Marking system (marking technology):
5x single-jet marking heads, stainless steel wall case
  • Marking fluid of the MF3.2-12rt series with good visibility and high ink density
  • Small distance to the object, approx. 30mm

  • Marking head MK12-V1D44L with desktop case (SG3)
  • Marking distance approx. 30mm
  • MF3.2-12rt (red) marking fluid with high colorant content