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The stainless-steel tanks are available in various sizes and with additional optional components. We attach great importance to the quality and reliability of the ink supply. Our innovative concept allows for the flexible industrial integration of the tanks into marking and labelling systems. The intelligent, centralized, ink supply systems of the tanks are modular in design, providing great flexibility for adapting to the respective supply of marking fluids, marking inks and cleaners.
In the basic version of the system, the reliable, steady supply of marking fluids for the production process is monitored by means of a visual ink level indicator mounted on the tank itself or, optionally, by means of an electronic fill level monitor in the control unit.

The droplet size can also be adjusted via the tank pressure or the variable installation height of the tank system.
Dye and pigment-based marking fluids as well as various viscous marking paints and suitable cleaners are provided in leak-proof, stainless-steel tanks. The tanks are just as suitable for solvent-based inks used to produce durable prints on smooth surfaces and for water-based inks applied to absorbent surfaces and structures.
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industrial tank systems


1.35-litre tank


6.5-litre tank


20-litre tank


Ink supply 1.35 L 6.5 L 20 L
No. of print heads up to 2 up to 4 up to 7
Visual level indicator
Optional sensor
Stainless-steel tank
Accessories Splitter, quick-release fastener, 2-way switch