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The ML10 greyscale meter is an optical sensor for non-contact and high-precision measurement and discrimination of the brightness (of the gray value / contrast) of diffuse reflecting objects in the incident light method. The contrast sensor is characterized by a high resolution and long-term stability due to a stable color temperature of the light transmitter or light guide.

This optical sensor is effectively designed and defined to accurately detect print marks or brightness differences. The print mark reader has a very small light spot and works with a high-quality white light LED of long life. Only one sensor is required to reliably detect all combinations of colors and brightness between print mark and background or surface. The ML10 greyscale meter is suitable for potentially explosive areas while observing the special regulations for explosion-proof rooms (Ex-room / Ex-area).
The applications in automation can be manifold. In this case, the greyscale meter ML10 can be used e.g. to trigger an error message after testing during labeling, in case of faulty product discharge etc.

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MSM print mark readers

Greyscale meter ML10

Various device variants are available for industrial use. Also special designs with different optics can be produced according to individual requirements. The result is provided as an analogue value for the direct evaluation of the signal strength for downstream processes or switching output (24Vdc). Ex-room situable.
Dimension (WxHxD)93x65x30
Mounting4 lateral threads M4 × 6, 83 mm × 55 mm
HousingAluminum, powder coated green beige RAL1000
Weight0.22 kg without cable and fiber optics
Mounting positionany
Ambient temperature operation−0 – +50 °C
Ambient temperature storage−25 – +75 °C
ConnectionM12 connector, eight-pole; five-pole with option -K5
Operating voltage+10 – 30 Vdc