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Radial mark on spring element

Dachlatten Markierung Qualitaetsmarkierung 1 | MSM Markiersysteme
Full-surface quality marking of premium goods
February 3, 2017

Task description

Fitting and identification markings for downstream production processes. For corrosion protection purposes, the springs are oiled, while the adhesion of the mark has to be maintained.

Marking of components (type marking / fitting marking)

  • Application of invisible marks during running production
  • Clock cycle 2ss
  • Radial marking with a width of approx. 6mm
  • Thermal post-treatment at 230°C
  • Automated via PLC

Proposed solution

Application of a radial marking with good visibility during running production.

Marking system (marking technology):
single-jet marking head, desktop case

  • Marking fluid of the FMFP71 series with good visibility and high ink density
  • Small distance to the object, approx. 10-30mm

Marking head MK10 with desktop case (SG3)

  • Marking distance approx. 30 mm
  • FMFP71-RD (red) pigmented marking fluid