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    Marking on structural steel wire coil / 300°C

    Punkmarkierung Reihe Ringmarke Radial 1 | MSM Markiersysteme
    Fitting marking for exact installation
    February 3, 2017
    Dachlatten Markierung Qualitaetsmarkierung 1 | MSM Markiersysteme
    Full-surface quality marking of premium goods
    February 3, 2017
    Marking on structural steel wire coil / 300°C

    Task description

    Quality and dimension markings on a coil strap for construction steel wire after hot rolling Strap surface temperature approx. 200°C-300°C.

    Components marking (quality/dimension marking)
    • Application of a lateral mark with good visibility
    • Clock cycle 90s
    • Line marking approx. 40 mm wide and approx. 200mm long
    • Automated via PLC

    Proposed solution
    Application of a pigmented temperature-resistant spray marking after fitting the strap. Visual recognition of qualities and dimensions in the warehouse.

    Two-channel marking system, stainless steel wall case
    • Marking fluid of the MFP series with good visibility
    • Medium distance to the object, approx. 20-30mm

    • MK12 marking head with stainless steel wall case (SG22))
    • Marking distance approx. 25 mm
    • MFP marking fluid (heat-resistant, pigmented)