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Dot markings with color dots and fluorescent marks as well as simple dot markings can be applied onto work pieces without contact to reliably mark the typing and the product properties.

  • Defective parts / bad parts
  • Good parts / typing
  • Positioning

  • Assembly point / fixed point
  • Quality feature / inspection marking
  • Product marking
  • And others. Ask us!



Dot marking dot mark color dott

Color dot markings are suitable for typing, product markings, and distinguishing almost identical work pieces. But the dot markings can also characterize a variety of product properties and individual relevant manufacturing processes such as defective parts or good parts after inspection, assembly points, and much more. MSM's DOD technology allows for the non-contract application of color dots, creating clear benefits and excellent result – even on irregularly shaped or rounded surfaces.

Dot markings can be integrated flexibly into production and existing machines. The high-contrast color dots optimize downstream processes and reduce per piece costs.

MSM marking systems feature an easy integration and are ideal for industrial markings on a diverse range of different materials such as metal, plastics, film, nonwoven fabrics, rubber, wood, glass, and much more as well as bent or structured surfaces. MSM also offers marking fluids adapted to the requirements of the individual projects or develops a new formulation based on the requested specifications.

We offer fast-drying, thermal/heat-resistant, oil penetrating and strongly adhesive marking fluids to ensure the optimum performance of your production processes.
A jet spray marking is applied to hot-formed steel with black KTL paint for identification purposes.
A broad spray marking is applied to hot-formed steel with black KTL paint for identification purposes.
Dot marking on formed and welded steel tubes.