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    Luminescence scanners emit short-wave light. If this light strikes a luminescent mark (fluorescent color), it lights up in the visible long-wave range depending on the dye used. By adapted filters a reliable distinction is made even with changing substrates.

    This effect of the fluorescence or fluorescence color is useb by the luminescence scanner, e.g. for the detection of markings that are not visible in daylight.

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    MSM Luminesce scannersr


    Optische Sensoren
    Depending on the required application, devices with different light sources, optical filters, focal lengths, optics and logic circuits are available. Custom-made products can also be produced according to individual requirements. The result is provided as a switching output (24Vdc) or as an analog value for the direct evaluation of the signal strength for downstream processes.
    Dimension (WxHxD) 70×23×44 mm
    Mounting2 cross-holes 4.1 mm and 4 threads M4 x 6
    HousingDie-cast zinc, powder-coated beige green RAL1000 / black
    about 240 g
    Mounting positionany
    Ambient temperature operation−20 – +50 °C
    Ambient temperature storage−25 – +70 °C
    ConnectionPlug M12 5-pin
    Operating voltage+10 – 30 Vdc
    The LMT4 / Fx is equipped with a short focal length lens for scanning distances of approx. 30-80 mm. At a distance of 60 mm, the spot diameter is about 8 mm, so that e.g. with 6 mm spacing adjacent multiple markings can be reliably detected.

    The LMT4 / Fx-Zx is equipped with a short-focal cylindrical lens for an oblong-oval light spot for scanning distances of about 20-80 mm. The long axis of the light spot is parallel to the long case edge, so that the sensor is e.g. Can be mounted transversely to a conveyor belt to find small brands even in uncertain transverse position.

    The LMT4 / Fx-200 is equipped with a long focal length lens for scanning distances of about 30-300 mm. Its highest sensitivity is about 80 mm distance; The sharpest and most uniform light spot is formed with a diameter of about 12 mm at a distance of 100-150 mm.