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Marking fluids development

A modular and qualitatively measurable concept for the production of marking fluids allows us to react extremely flexibly to the needs of labeling projects in every respect. We develop marking fluids according to the wishes and conditions of our customers. Due to our many years of experience in the production of tailor-made products for our customers from various industrial sectors, we certainly have the right solution for you.

We offer hard and soft pigment preparations as well as dye formulations in different colors, viscosity, drying time and opacity, each tailored to your labeling. We guarantee the availability of the products in a consistently high quality and we are available for special solutions with our application specialists at any time.

For our marking fluids we only use certified qualities of starting materials, food additives as well as organic and inorganic pigments. Thus, we can offer a wide range of almost all shades for translucent or opaque coatings.

The right marking fluid for your application!

A range of high-performance additives further guarantees the production of marking fluids, for example, to achieve properties for improved pigment wetting, defoaming and deaeration. Furthermore, parameters that ensure good substrate wetting, surface smoothness, water resistance or scratch resistance can be included. A chemical and heat resistance of the markings on different materials can also be formulated in the recipe. A selection of special additives leads among other things to the beauty of form, homogeneity, brilliance and impact resistance.
With a wide variety of solvents, the drying times of the markings can be set variably. These can range from >1 second to 10 minutes. Depending on requirements, marking liquids can be formulated which can be completely removed with water or other solvents. To stabilize markings on surfaces wetted with oil and other substances, we use additives that have a significant positive effect on these properties.
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MSM marking fluids:
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For us it is very important to use non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable substances manufacturing our products. Thus, we do not use toxic and polluting aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons as solvents.

Before our marking fluids are used with you, we test newly developed products internally in our marking facilities for a longer period of time and optimize them as necessary to ensure reliable marking. In doing so, we try to reproduce the conditions that exist for our customers identically in our company.
We also develop functional marking fluids such as magnetic, infrared active, heat resistant, thermochromic and photochromic formulations. Certified products for use in the food industry are also part of our product range.