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    Our SIGTEK DOD marking technology guarantees outstanding and cost-effective quality for dot markings and line markings, providing a maximum of flexibility even at high frequencies and speeds. The marking paint is applied onto the object or component without contact via the marking heads. This prevents damage to the surfaces. Our SIGTEK marking heads are available in a variety of designs. Thanks to our know-how, your marking heads fit your projects perfectly. Our selection ranges from small, compact miniature designs to standard designs and up to special designs for matrix markings or the manual application of markings.
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    Our marking heads


    Ideal for color markings, color dots, markings, and fluorescent markings in industrial marking technology and automation with the MSM marking system for dot and line markings.
    Nozzle Ø mm0.08-0.250.38-0.900.08-0.250.08-0.25
    Marking sensorDirect/opticalOpticalOpticalDirect/optical
    Dimensions (HxWxL) mm31x15x5260x25x100Ø8 x4542x15x52
    Weight approx. grams7030050100
    OptionalCleaning system, marking monitoring system, circulation, spray air
    InformationThe marking distance and the dot diameter are variably adjustable
    The MK10 marking head is equipped with a high-speed valve capable marking times as fast as 1 ms.

    The MK12 marking head features a liquid valve for larger markings.

    The MK13 is the smallest marking head in our range. It is barely larger than a micro battery and can be accommodated in every working environment.

    The MK23 complements MSM's series of single-jet marking heads as an additional innovation.


    Dot-lines, marking-lines or large character printers – designed for task management within the assembly process or large scale marking.
    Nozzle Ø mm0.08-0.250.08-0.250.08-0.25
    Number of jets1075
    Dimensions (HxWxL) mm90x42x14060x25x9060x25x90
    Weight approx. grams500300300
    OptionalCleaning system, marking monitoring system (optical), spray air
    InformationThe marking distance and the dot diameter are variably adjustable
    The MK15 is designed, among other things, to apply a marking line (row of dots) onto moving objects at a right angle to the running direction.

    The MK18 matrix marking head is equipped with seven high-speed valves that can be controlled separately. This makes it possible to apply any type of symbol onto moving objects.

    The MK22 matrix marking head is equipped with five high-speed valves that can be controlled separately.


    Marking heads and marking device customized to your needs.
    Nozzle Ø mm0.250.08-0.250.18
    Number of jets113
    Dimensions (HxWxL) mm125x50x80Ø45 x17362x25x90
    Distance mmvariablevariablefixed 30
    Special featureswivels 60°handheld unitfocused
    Weight approx. grams600350200
    OptionalCleaning system, marking monitoring system (optical), spray air
    InformationThe dot diameter can be adjusted
    The MK14 marking head is a special design with a swiveling multi-nozzle. This allows for the application of a marking line onto a non-moving object.

    The MK19 hand marker is a manually operated device. The worker can decide by himself when, where, and how to mark.

    The MK21 marking head features three marking channels that can be controlled separately. Each of the three valves is arranged in such a way that all three marking jets are focused onto one point in a distance of 30 mm.