The label dispensers from MSM convince with their easy handling and flexibility. So that the labels are always removed correctly, we offer different options for the dispensers:

  • Automatical dispense
  • Slow or fast feed rate
  • Peripheral connection for external signal "dispense on request"
Label dispensers use labels for:

  • Floor Labeling
  • Page labeling
  • Front side labeling
  • And much more
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MSM label dispensers


The pre-printed labels are neatly detached and provided from the carrier film. The compact dimensions of the SP-120 enable use even in confined working conditions.

The control is done contactless by an integrated light barrier. The conversion to changing or different label formats is possible without retooling the label dispenser SP-120.
Dispende performance mm/s80
Max paper width mm120
Label roll Ø max mm170
Dimensions (HxWxD)135 mm x 190 mm x 370 mm
Weightca. 4,8 kg


The DST-3000 label dispenser prints and labels reliably and can thus be reliably integrated into all production lines. The label dispenser can be customized to your labels, according to individual requirements.

Also, the design of the pressure plate and the cylinder are designed to the applied label and the object individually to your requirements.
ModellDST 3000
MethodPlunger (stationary or in motion)
LabelsUp to 30 cycles / min.
Min .: 25x25 mm - Max .: 116x150 mm (special applications possible)
Piston pressure of the applicatorMax. 400 mm - practically 250 mm
Automatic height determination - package flexible
(variable height per box / product)
Operating modesDispense / print + lock up/down + dispense
Compressed air4-6 bar / tube Ø8 mm, including internal air filter
Input / Output SignalPrint / dispense / lock / test
Ready / Error – status light (option) / working
Safety signalsSafety area / hand safety sensor (option)
Applicator interfaceI/O interface
Optional interfaceParallel, serial, WLAN, RTC & USB Hostmemory
Network ToolSNMP
Std. Fix SystemPipe Ø50 mm
Dimensions705 (H) x 364 (W) x 585 (D) mm

MethodThermodirect / thermotransferthermodirect / thermotransferThermodirect
Printing width104 mm104 mm104 mm
Max. printing speed14 Inch/Sek.
(355 mm/Sek.)
12 Inch/Sek.
(304 mm/Sek.)
12 Inch/Sek.
(304 mm/Sek.)
Resolution203 / 305 dpi203 / 305 / 600 dpi203 dpi
Paper width120 mm114 mm114 mm
Material alignmentCenteredLeftLeft
Paper rollsMax. Ø 200 mm, core Ø 76 mmMax. Ø 200 mm, core Ø 76 mmMax. Ø 200 mm, core Ø 76 mm
Std. length of ink ribbon600 / 800 m450 / 600 / 800 m
Print & dispenseSuction plate 110x150mm,
Signal light
Hand Security Sensor,
Suction plate 110x150mm,
Signal light,
Hand Security Sensor,
Suction plate 110x150mm,
Signal light,
Hand Security Sensor,
B-EX4 Series printerRibbon optimization,
dispensing sensors & internal
rewinder, RFID Kit
dispensing sensors & internal
rewinder ,RFID Kit
dispensing sensors & internal